Sharon Mahany

@ Youth Program Instructor

Sharon Mahany was introduced to dowsing as a child through her uncle, Robert Wade-Mahany, who pioneered an emotional/past life query system to get to the root of healing. She has been a member of Sierra Dowsers in Sacramento, CA for 16 years and an ASD Editorial Team member since 2015. She now volunteers as its contributing Coordinating Editor of the digital American Dowser quarterly digest. Sharon works as a Teacher and Lifecoach to create ideal health and well-being using Human Design, Reiki, Emotional Processing, bioenergetic tuning forks, and of course, dowsing. Sharon is a poet and now a crop circle appreciator. Sharon teaches classes at Contact Sharon at 916-759-2043 or by email at

Saturday and Sunday: The Youth Classes run from 9:00-noon, students will spend the 2 hour lunch period from Noon-2:00 PM with their parents and then resume class from 2:00-5:00 PM. Interactive Dowsing Program for cooperative school age students who are eager to learn the ancient art of Dowsing. All dowsing tools will be taught (L-rod, Y-rod, pendulum). This workshop is to create self-awareness and self-confidence around Dowsing. Students will learn how to measure auras, answer yes and no questions, how to choose healthy food, how to detect and find thought forms.

**Parent(s) or Responsible Adult must be attending conference same day, and take youth(s) for lunch.