Nick Salzman

@ Pendulum Apometrics

The study of life, death, and the human spirit have fascinated many civilizations for a millennia. Yet it seems so mysterious and sometimes frightening to so many of us. Others have turned their research to the study of the Paranormal with electronic devices to gain some kind of evidence to the unseen world around us. Although we may have our own opinions on the subject, I believe most would believe that we have some kind of soul or energy inside us giving our bodies life. This same energy is around us all the time with people that have passed away and for many reasons have not been able to move on.  What if we could help them?

Through the art of dowsing we can become proficient in getting readings on energy and clarification to many questions. Have you ever been in the presence of something you couldn’t explain and wanted to know more?

Through this discussion I will dive into the world of the unseen and help illuminate what lies behind the veil that has fascinated humanity for ages.

I would like to take you on a journey back to the core of your being. Where we use a pendulum to help guide us and positively affect the world around you.

To demystify the fear associated with spiritual phenomenon and to give knowledge and love in its place. If this is your calling, I can’t wait to join you on your journey.



My name is Nick Salzman I am 39 years old and come from Hillsboro, Oregon.

The world of the Paranormal is something that was in my life from a young age. Although there were times it was frightening, it grew into a fascination. In my mid 20’s I started to learn how to identify and clear earthbound spirits with the use of a pendulum. What has transpired since then has been transformative to say the least. My passion to understand the world around us and connect to the world within us, has led to some profound understandings.

Things like mediumship, remote, viewing, empathic abilities, clairvoyance, and inner vision all started coming together over the years. Now I love to show people not only how special we are but how to help bring out the best version of yourself  through the art of dowsing and breathwork. With love as our guide and the assistance of the light, we can step into our true power and live a deeper more fulfilling light.

“I used to be afraid of the dark until I found out I was light, and that the dark was afraid of me.”