Nick Salzman

@ Pendulum Apometrics

Hello all,

I will present this year with the topic of Utilizing the Ha breath while doing distance clearings with a pendulum. Spirit release therapy is an ever expanding modality that is increasing in popularity in the world of dowsing and Pendulum Healing. One common and overlooked aspect to our clearing abilities lies in the very motion that ties to life…..the breath.
We will take our understanding of spiritual clearings a bit deeper when we explore how the Ha Breath combined with a pendulum can take our abilities to exciting new levels.
My name is Nick Salzman. I’m 37 years old and a newcomer by most of today’s standards in the world of Dowsing. Studying the world of the paranormal began at a very young age for me. From personal encounters and from learning through others, I have developed a unique lens in the world of Spirit Release Therapy. The pendulum is my tool of choice and through study and application I have begun creating my very own line of unique pendulums each to help in the various tasks involved in clearing one’s self and home of intrusive energies.
 I currently have 2 books on such topics available on my official website My passion in life is to demystify the unseen worlds and to help replace any fear with knowledge. To help everyone step into their own true power and above all to be in service for the greater good.
I look forward to sharing with you all how to not only clear entities but how to take what you do individually to incredible new levels.
Thanks for your time,
Nick Salzman