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Chris Goin-Anderson has been a Shaman and Certified in Natural Therapies for over 20 years. Her primary goal is to restore homeostasis in the body without drugs or surgeries whenever possible. This often includes finding where destructive energies are coming from using dowsing rods or a pendulum. She is the author of two books: Dear Bonnie, My Life at Lake of the Ozarks (Self-Healing Techniques to Bridge the Gap Between Heaven and Earth) and Dowsing to Heal Body, Home and Earth. She has dedicated the past 20 years to discovering the hidden secrets to obtaining all that we desire.

Chris Goin-Anderson
Everything that happens in life is an opportunity to learn to choose love instead of fear. For the glory of God I send you Peace and Blessings on this Sacred Day.

Dowsing with the Body for Energy Analysis and Renewal

This is a highly interactive class with all participants receiving an analysis of 20- 50 energy pathways. This has a monetary value of several hundred dollars, but the value for your health far surpasses that. Each attendee will receive a personalized Qigong exercise routine that will take approximately 5 minutes every morning to begin your day with your energy body flowing correctly for better health. This helps body functions, as well as things like cognition, memory, less anxiety, and contentment. Qigong exercises are always very easy, and many can even be done from a wheelchair, or while seated in front of your TV. Such as thumping acupuncture point ST15 to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety on the body, mind, and emotions. Many of these tests were developed by the famous healer Donna Eden. This will be an amazing gift for your body.