Brenda Bailey


Dowser’s Insanity: How to Avoid Blocks & the Pitfalls that Limit Your Dowsing

Consistency & Accuracy
● Why the old school ways to increase dowsing accuracy often don’t work and what you can
do instead to create consistent accuracy
● The #1 way to prevent plateaus so they can have steady & consistent dowsing results
● The simple energy clearing process they can use to quickly release what’s been blocking you
& your consistent Accuracy

Brenda B. Bailey, known as Your Strategy Accelerator, with 13 Integrative Healing certifications has
operated a 7 figure business and been an entrepreneur for 31 years.
She’s blended her practical experience as a successful entrepreneur along with her Integrative
Healing practices that allow people to have quick income transformations in her Elevate to
Accelerate and SRC4U Programs.
Brenda’s work in the world is to help you break down the barriers to help you heal and get into
your true zone of genius, serve the people who need your gifts, and make lots of money doing it.