x In Memory of Wayne Hoff

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In Memory of Wayne Hoff

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Healing Using Earth Energies and Resources

Earth and Nature provide powerful energies and resources that you can use when doing healing work on yourself or others. In this talk I will be presenting some of these resources and how to dowse and use them. These resources include Power Spots, Earth Energy Lines, Mountains, Trees, Rivers, Crystals, Sacred Sites, Seasonal Energies, Animal Migration Routes, and Personal Power Spots. I will also be talking about techniques, energies and resources to avoid due to detrimental effects. We will be dowsing in this class SO BRING YOUR DOWSING TOOLS!

Wayne Hoff has been working as an Energy Medicine Specialist for over 30 years. He has worked clearing and healing people, animals, land and buildings. He has also taught classes in schools and workshops. Over the years, he has trained in numerous techniques with many great teachers. He was president of the San Jose Dowsers in California. His current personal project is working with energy lines created by animal migrations in Wyoming. Currently he works with clients over the phone clearing toxic and blocked energies. He lives in Cody, Wyoming. Phone/Text: 831-818-6980. Website:
www.waynehoff.com Email: waynehoff@biospiritus.net