Tina Burgan

@ Pre-Conference Advanced Dowsing School: This Ain't Your Grandma's Palmistry: Introduction to Life Purpose Hand Analysis

As a Masters of Hand Analysis with the International Institute of Hand Analysis, I was required to read over 1,000 hands and complete a 4 1/2 year program spending hundreds of hours studying. (This ain’t your mama’s palmistry). What I do is focused on Soul Psychology: your soul level purpose for being here, your deepest life long challenge and your overarching perspective of the people, events and circumstances of your life. This is big. This is life changing.

What I do is not predictive. It is not subjective and it is not trivial. I don’t make this stuff up. There is an objective database I use and anyone trained by the IIHA would tell you the same thing, using their personal approach and verbiage. This method is proven and trusted with over 50 years of experience and well over 250,000 pairs of hands.

I work with clients who are often at a crossroads. They are searching for more meaning, cohesion and soul fulfillment in their life. It is my great privilege to introduce them to their Soul Psychology and let them know that their purpose is knowable, specific and accurate.

You might be interested to know that teams and groups have their own “collective soul” purpose. It is fascinating to know people at such a deep level and be able to support them in their highest and best and also at their challenges. Each group is together for a reason.

If you are interested in knowing more, contact me for a free True You Strategy Session to see if I can help.