Susan Rose

@ Heart of Well Being

Activate Your Invisible Helper Team

Would you like to upgrade your ability to manifest joy, health or success for navigating the next decade? Enhancing your ability to manifest is one of the most exciting applications of dowsing. Practical next-generation pendulum use with spiritual healing and hypnosis techniques opens a world of possibilities that can carry you forward to success, fulfillment and happiness.

Learn how to align yourself with vision, purpose and the supportive energies of the universe so that you can manifest what the Universe wants of YOU! Subtle energy keys lie in adjustments to your personal biofield, its alignment with the environment you live in and with the beneficial energies of the universe itself. Join me for this transformative, interactive presentation.  Practical exercises and handouts provided.

Susan Rose is a Biohacker and Naturopath whose passion is developing protocols from new science to enhance wellbeing, happiness and success. Susan is also a “clair” – clairaudient and clairvoyant – Hypnotherapist, New Paradigm Spiritual Healer and a Master Dowser since 2004. Through an online coaching, healing and teaching practice, Susan brings 21st Century science applications to healing and dowsing protocols for vitality, happiness and productivity. Find her at or