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‘Activating Ascension Portals in Arizona’

I was divinely guided to activate six ascension portals in the Tucson-Green Valley, Arizona area. This area was destined to be a sacred valley of light. The portals anchor in 5D ascension energies, allowing new crystalline light frequencies to raise Earth’s consciousness. Divine guidance said, “the time has arrived for celestial cities of light to be awakened upon the Earth plane.”

I was assisted by various galactic beings of light, sacred mountain energies, and ancient shamanic spirits. Their intent was to help humanity spiritually shift into universal oneness consciousness.

The six ascension portals create a sacred geometry Fibonacci spiral pattern, which is a mirror reflection of the Giza pyramid plateau pattern. The six-portal area is energetically connected to the Great Pyramid.
Divine guidance showed me a new way to interact with labyrinths in the Tucson-Green Valley area. It is an energetic upgrade from walking the pattern, allowing labyrinths to be portals for higher consciousness.
I used intuitive dowsing and dowsing tools to connect with and energetically shift ley lines, vortexes, and portals in the valley. I used deviceless body dowsing while clearing and activating the portals.
I will detail the portal process and why this activation is happening now.

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Deb Starwalker Peterson

I have used dowsing for over twenty years, as part of daily living and in my professional energy therapy practice. For nine years, I taught dowsing in metaphysical and earth healing classes. I use dowsing tools and deviceless dowsing when working with ley lines, portals, vortexes, and earth grids. My intent is to help with consciousness enlightenment for Mother Earth and humanity.
I was a presenter at the ASD National Convention and the Canadian Society of Questers. I authored dowsing articles for various classes and the ASD American Digest. Topics included: Using Pendulums and Dowsing Rods, Using Pendulums in Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing, Energetic Sacred Geometry Tools for Positive Transformation, and Deviceless Intuitive Body Dowsing for Earth Healing.
I formed a Galactic Earth Ascension Group to clear and awaken light portals for earth grid higher consciousness awakening. Earth healing lightwork led me to Stonehenge, Egyptian Pyramids, Mayan Yucatan Temples, Ohio Mound Builder Sites, Chaco Canyon, and Mt. Shasta. Since 2017, I have worked with beings of light to activate six ascension portals in the Tucson-Green Valley, Arizona area.
I created Merkaba Energetic Dowsing, a new sacred geometry home and land space clearing process which complements existing dowsing methods.