Sharry Hope

@ Water Dowser


Sharry Hope will demonstrate the technique she uses when doing psychic dowsing during personal consultations with a client.  Psychic dowsing involves getting information for a person using dowsing methods and paying attention to your inner voice.  Participants will have an opportunity to practice this method during this fun workshop.
Charts will be provided.

Sharry Hope BA, MA, CCHT
Spiritual and dowsing consultant


Educational background
B.A. Psychology, M.A. Education with an emphasis in the Arts and guided imagery.


Sharry has also done graduate studies in hydrogeology at California State University Chico

Sharry started studying dowsing with Walt Woods in 1977 when she moved to Oroville California where Walt lived. Walt taught her about water dowsing, energy dowsing, clearing detrimental Energies and many other forms of dowsing.
In 1979 Sharry dowsed her first well, her own, which is still producing clean pure water today. Since then she has dowsed over 1000 successful water wells.

30 years ago, Sharry co-founded the Gold Country Dowsers in Oroville California.
She gives talks at various dowsing chapters in Northern California. She has also giving talks about dowsing to the Woman’s Club, The Grange, The Guild, metaphysical classes and fairs.

Besides dowsing, photography is one of her favorite pastimes. She was a professional photographer for several years and won numerous awards for her photography.
Sharry will show a photo of ectoplasm that she took shortly after doing a spiritual clearing.