Robert Thomason

Treasure Dowser @ Treasure Dowser

The 20 years that Robert Tomason has been dowsing for buried treasures has been quite a roller coaster ride.  He has dowsed thousands of sites using DeLorme state atlases and satellite maps.  Have access to satellite Maps has opened up a whole new world.

Robert first started looking for natural gold deposits and then branched out to buried treasures.  He would initially do the map dowsing and then visit the area to verify the accuracy of his dowsing.  Over time he could map dowse up to 12 sites on a daily basis.


Robert learned of Leroy Bull who has been successfully map dowsing for over 50 years. During a class that Robert attended, Leroy gave a demonstration of finding a gold mine using pure intention.  Half of the class found the gold mine and it changed Robert’s life. He has found deposits of gold ever since.


While in Ecuador in 2009, Robert successfully dowsed for an ancient gold tomb for a local museum.  He was able to locate the exact site which was at the edge of a sacrificial mound on a sacred mountain one thousand years ago.


His first buried treasure was when he was in the first grade.  He was drawn to a puddle, and he raked it out finding several Indian head pennies, a V nickel, and a rusty pocketknife. The newest coin he found was from 1907.

Being intuitively drawn to something is a natural instinct for many people. On the road to high adventure, you never know how far it will take you…