Mary & Vince Kramer

@ Imagine Miracles

The Answers Are In The Energy
We are all energy and on this earth to make a difference. We can tap into universal energies to get the answers to our most difficult and challenging questions. Uncovering the answers to understand who we are and why we are here is essential to each of us living the life we are meant to live. To uncover these answers, we must find the way(s) that work best for us. Vince will share with us the most important questions, ways that we can use to find the answers and then channel the archangels and ascended masters to include Metatron, Michael and St Germain. Select attendees with be able to ask questions.

As a speaker, teacher, coach, clear conscious channel, and co-author of “Moments of Choice.” Vince Kramer’s distinct combination of experience, education and research helps him develop powerful talks, workshops and online training in finding success and fulfillment by living life by their design. Mary is a practitioner of several modalities that support and raise energetic vibration. She is passionate about uniting like-minded people to collectively discover and master universal principles to envision and co-create a new way of life.

Kramers speaking for the Tucson Dowers Meeting

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