Margaret VanLaanMartin

@ Age of Aquarius, Chico, California

Dowse Your Tarot
Tap into your inner knowing by intuitively dowsing to pick the Tarot Cards for readings for yourself and friends. Learn to use a Dowsing Chart developed
specially for Tarot Cards.    Tarot can provide an illuminating mirror to reveal who you were, are, and are  becoming. It can put your story into a greater context and extract life lessons, wisdom, and self-awareness.  Tarot allows you to consider a problem, give a voice to it, work it through and see where the blocks might be. It can give voice to problems or fears. There are many benefits to having a daily Tarot Card practice and using a Dowsing Chart allows the Tarot Cards to be picked by your subconscious, no need to shuffle cards with this fun new way to access the spiritual information found in Tarot Cards. During the class you will be doing your own Tarot reading using the Dowsing Chart you will receive. Bring your favorite Tarot Deck ( OK to attend without a Tarot Deck) and come to Margaret VanLaanMartin’s fun Dowsing Your Tarot talk

Margaret’s Bio:

I do this work because I love it. For over 30 years my passion has been to help people transform their lives. It is a joy to see the benefits in the lives of my clients — seeing their lives become less stressful and more effective. I also see benefits in my own life, as I continue to grow spiritually and refine my techniques.

As an intuitive consultant, psychic, and healer, my job is to see what is blocking your movement through the current issues in your life and to give you the tools to deal with the issues.

Psychic readings or healing sessions are good ways to experience and explore your psychic energy in a fun and informative way. Healing and answers to any issue or dilemma that is blocking your energy can be looked into and resolved. I offer several different types of readings and services which focus on various subjects. If healing is what you need, you can find relief for minor and major conditions and disorders.