Margaret VanLaanMartin

@ Age of Aquarius


This class is for newbies and also for anyone who does not trust their dowsing answers!

Please come and join Margaret VanLaanMartin who will show you techniques to improve your dowsing whether you are a beginning dowser or are not confident in your dowsing abilities.

You will learn a grounding technique, a technique to stay centered and in neutrality, how to dowse for protection, and how to dowse to balance your chakras. When you use these specific tools, you can preset your body before you begin dowsing to make dowsing easier and more successful. Additionally, you will learn about 15 dowsing pitfalls and how to avoid them to make dowsing easier and more accurate.


Join Margaret for this fun, fact-filled class. Come away with tools to improve your dowsing accuracy and grow more confident in your dowsing practice. Bring your Dowsing tools with you for this hands-on class.

Through the years I have developed many fun classes that can teach you how to use psychic methods and tools. When you take a class, you will learn how to use your psychic abilities and tools for your own amusement, amazement, and well-being, as well as how to help others.
Having more tools is like having more toys to play with in your life. Knowing you have more options makes life more fun. And isn’t that what it is all about, increasing our fun while we are here?