Joeaux Robey (The Joy)

@ Spiritual Coach: Joeaux Robey

Spiritual Coach: Joeaux Robey

BIO: Joeaux Robey

Combine creativity, business strategy, technology, and a passion for life, and you have Joeaux Robey. Serving as the CoProducer, CoFounder, and CoCosmic Cheerleader at Adironnda & Company, Joeaux takes on challenging responsibilities, such as the translation of the non-linear language of Spirit, and the business of Spiritual Personal Development.

For most people in the Spiritual industry, managing and planning doesn’t sound very interesting. For Joeaux, launching businesses is a passion she’s been chasing for over 30 years. More recently, her work in the Divine partnership in Adironnda & Company with Marilyn Harper, has expanded, opening up the opportunity to create a new role as Founder of Soulopreneur Productions. Joeaux is focused on taking people all over the planet, to find aspects of their selves, awakening individuals to their innate abilities, and spreading even more happy-ness. I guess you could say she is living the dream.

She is a master communicator, professional technologist and strategist, and skillful artist and writer. Her impressive start-up and internet marketing background allows her to create content, produce and deliver material, while traveling the world interfacing with clients.

In addition to 8 years in the Spiritual business, Joeaux also has over 30 years in technology, graphic design, and business strategy. She maintains the role in managing marketing and developing business processes.

Ask her about Energetic Marketing. It’s her super power.