Joan Rose Staffen


Please congratulate Joan Rose Staffen on her upcoming WEDDING!  She will not be coming to the conference this year due to her upcoming Nuptials which will be held at the same time.  Her contact information is below and she said she’ll be delighted to receive messages of love and best wishes towards her new married life!

Joan Rose Staffen is a writer, psychic healer, and artist dedicated to assisting others to heal their lives, to rediscover their purpose, and to stay on their life path. She helps her clients uncover, visualize, plan, and actualize their dreams through her books and experiential workshops teaching divination, spirituality, creativity, and prosperity methods. She is the author of two books on dowsing, Divination & Joy, Divination & Action and a book of angel and personal stories, Swimming the Inner Ocean. Joan Rose’s new book on healing and transformation, Intuitive Pendulum Healing, was just released by Red Wheel/Weiser Publishing in 2019. See her website at for more information, email her at or call her at 831-251-0866 for an appointment