Gladys McCoy

Director @ Ozark Research Institute

Using Dowsing to clear non-beneficial energy from property, houses and people.
Clearing the Path for Positive Changes in Your Life
Stuck in a rut? Health issues? Need prosperity? Is nothing working right in your life? Learn to
clear non-beneficial energy from your home, business and body. This is a very easy and
inexpensive way to dowse, and remove and reprogram non-beneficial energy. Learn to clear a
path for blessings to manifest and to help make those changes in your life that you desire.
Dowsing with a pendulum, the diagram of a house, business or human form to clear non-
beneficial energy. Tuning into spirit, so you can write an affirmation, prayer or mantra that will
continue to work and ground it.
This technique will continue to work without you ever having to do anything else to it. Just sit
back and let the blessings flow!!!



Gladys McCoy – Arkansas. Co-founder of Ozark Research Institute, Treasurer and Event Coordinator. She is the Director of the Tuesday night Healing Meditation and First Sunday meetings at O.R.I. Gladys is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist and Dowser who works with non-beneficial energies (which can be geopathic, electromagnetic, spiritual and even disease) She clears houses, people, property and businesses. She also does remote dowsing to help people with life decisions and change. She is a Healing Touch facilitator and creator of “Unconditional Love Therapy” a powerful technique that aids in healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Gladys is available for workshops and lectures across the U.S.


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