Gail Minogue

@ Numbers & Trends Specialist

The Invisible World That Directs This Lifetime

For most of our short time on earth, we think we can direct this man-made world.  We have learned we can’t control it, but we still think we can direct it with our thoughts and actions.  Most of us do not realize we live on a planet that is in deep connection to the constellations, the energies and sounds emanating from space and the various systems pulling the strings.  To name just a few of these earth systems, there is the system of astrology, dowsing, numerology and all the current sciences.  We still don’t know how to travel at the speed of light, how to levitate, how to heal our bodies through our personal sound, how spontaneously we leave the body and various other parts of the invisible world that continuously operate in our lives.

For our visit here to planet earth it is essential to understand the mysteries waiting to be discovered in the invisible world.  We remain in fear as we are unaware of this vast continuum of space and time.  We dismiss most of the messages delivered to us through our intuition, we don’t bother to decipher our dreams and we still focus on the how of our lives instead of the “what”.  Our experience here was not to figure out the how but to get clear on the what.  The invisible world always works out the “how” of our lives.  Our gift to us from the invisible world is the gift of choice.  We choose and the invisible world guides, directs and stops us from harm if we learn to trust it.  Most of us can’t or won’t, substituting intellectual knowledge for knowing how.

This program will provide insight into this invisible world and its hidden systems.  Our planetary system ties itself to a sister star whose orbit we follow.  Civilizations have come and gone under the orbit of constellations.  We are now, in the Age of Aquarius, under the constellation of Aquarius and have entered one of the most dangerous times for civilization.  The bulk of the civilizations that perished in ancient history did so under the constellation of Aquarius.



Gail Minogue, a published authority in the symbolic relationship of numbers to our lives, assists individuals and organizations to navigate the dynamics of change and become master builders of their futures, relationships, and successes. She provides clients with remarkable insights through a unique combination of trends analysis and forecasting with ancient and contemporary cyclical data.   Combining Pythagorean numerology, Hermetic laws as well as the wisdom gained from over 30 years in the business markets with the intensive study and use of intuitive spiritual systems Gail becomes a bridge between the world of matter and the world of spirit.