Gail Minogue

@ Numbers & Trends Specialist


As we move forward with our progress, we are met with seemingly fated events such as the current Covid-19 pandemic. Why and what was/is the purpose of this experience and why now? What course of events can we expect in the years ahead? As we navigate the 20’s what can we do to suffer and struggle less and regain our sense of presence and calm. The turbulence will continue for several years, what do we need to know and to learn to help ourselves through this period?

We here on earth are affected by the heavens and unseen forces that carry us through regions of space that affect the ionosphere, magnetosphere or atmosphere in general. This travel affects both our consciousness as well as the seasons of the year. This Age of Aquarius is both one of the most dangerous and dynamic times for humans. It promotes great advances in scientific breakthroughs, space travel and other fine matter forces. Humankind is just beginning to learn beyond the world of materialism and in the last analysis that everything is the expression of energy and vibratory forces.

We here in the United States and other parts of the world continue to advance from barbarism

into a civilized society. Our culture struggles through fear and greed to rise out of a dark period of history. What will we have to change as the heavenly transits direct and guide us? Earth has had many civilizations over ions of time. They are gone with little or no traces. What must we do to prevent this from happening again in our current age? We will be covering the current conditions of our society, the next few years ahead and the enormous responsibility each of must be willing to learn to experience a new way of conducting our lives.


Gail Minogue, a published authority in the symbolic relationship of numbers to our lives, assists individuals and organizations to navigate the dynamics of change and become master builders of their futures, relationships, and successes. She provides clients with remarkable insights through a unique combination of trends analysis and forecasting with ancient and contemporary cyclical data.   Combining Pythagorean numerology, Hermetic laws as well as the wisdom gained from over 30 years in the business markets with the intensive study and use of intuitive spiritual systems Gail becomes a bridge between the world of matter and the world of spirit.