Dan L. Brock


Communication with off-World Non-Humans Using A “Color Code” and
Numerical Based Dowsing System
Dowsing can aid us in communication with off-world non-humans. Enhancing this capability will be critical for Earth humans to establish a respectful position in the universe of life. In this talk, we’ll explore the evolution of related dowsing techniques, including the authors recent application of a “Color Code” reference dowsing system created by an experienced English dowser. By dowsing using a custom pattern of colors linked to a numerical sequence, one can to establish a laser-like focus to examine any specific idea, object, material, etc. The successful use of a strong physical reference in dowsing is exceptionally valuable. Please join me for this unique opportunity to explore my discoveries and expand your own dowsing interface to the non-physical, bringing you even closer with the vast universe of information and life.

Dan’s Video: Dowsing to Access the Universal Field from I-EXO Community Zoom

In Dan’s ongoing non-physical exploration of the infinite realms of existence, there always remains vast untouched areas within the universal field of information. Today, supporting others as a Dowser, Astrologer, and Spiritual Advocate (aka “shaman”), Dan embraces any modality capable of keeping us on track in our Earthly mission. Dan Brock’s website is dlbrock.com and he can be contacted at dan@dlbrock.com