Catriona MacGregor



“Through connecting to nature, great transformations occur for the self and the planet.” Catriona MacGregor

“I highly recommend “Partnering with Nature”. The insight Catriona shares is something that we can all benefit from.” Shirley MacLaine

Nature can be healing and can be a catalyst for transformative shifts in spiritual growth and awareness. During this experiential workshop, participants will learn and experience the fascinating emotional, physical and spiritual connection between humans & nature. Trees are master energy alchemists. This is why Buddha chose the Bodhi Tree to find enlightenment. This workshop will begin with an introduction in-doors and then we will move outside. Dress in comfortable clothing and layers. Be open to the wisdom of nature and get ready to experience powerful positive changes.


“Many people carefully copy native traditions, hoping for a shamanic experience. Catriona MacGregor is a shaman.”—Jim Gilkeson, author of “A Pilgrim in Your Body”

Catriona has led Vision Quests and Nature Quests for twenty years in the US & Scotland benefitting participants from 8 countries. Called “Nature Girl” since childhood, Catriona is a descendant of the indigenous people of Scotland. Catriona managed the largest coastal sanctuary in the United States, stretching over 600 miles. Her program led to the comeback of an endangered species & was awarded the Blue Ribbon in Conservation by a former US President.  Catriona’s book “Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting to the Earth” won a Gold medal. Her newest book “Secrets of a Celtic Mystic: Sacred Earth Prophecy” can be purchased at her site or Amazon.