Beth Roszman

@ The Intuitive Solution

Session Description: Dowsing to Discern Relationships

Beth applies quantum physics, hermetic law, sacred geometry and dowsing to assess and diagnose the health of relationships. Ever wish you had access to your own personal genie to tell you what’s going with your mate? Or maybe you’ve noticed hidden tension in the office or with your business, or family but can’t identify its source?  Maybe you’ve noticed that some groups seem to work well together and others don’t.

In this fascinating talk, Beth demonstrates how to apply dowsing to relationships to gain specific insights.  She will provide key diagnostic dowsing statements while teaching you how to access and dowse romantic, business, family relationships and group/team dynamics.  Get a new perspective on relationships and discover hidden but impactful dynamics to create more loving and lasting relationships during Beth’s relationship dowsing session.

Beth Roszman is an avid dowser, researcher, teacher and consultant in the esoteric healing arts. A dowser for over 18 years, she teaches vibrational  healing and sacred geometry. She also provides weekly Psychic Weather updates and Intuitive Solution tools and energy clearings on her YouTube channel and on her website,

She began her work with dowsing and implemented it as an important tool in  leading teams from Fortune 500 companies and national non-profits to increase revenue, attain grants and successfully manage national science and technology conferences.

As hobbies, Beth loves to play piano, read Runes, study astrology and visit sacred sites.  Her current new area of study is learning Spanish so she can expand the reach of her healing and esoteric work.  She is a certified human resource manager (SPHR) with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English and Psychology from the University of Kentucky.  She resides in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.