Willy (The Whale Whisperer) Bennett

@ Animal Communicator

William Bennett, known as “Willy the Whale Whisperer” on Maui, is an aerospace engineer
who used to operate spaceships (satellites) and was on the Hubble Space Telescope design team
in his previous life. Deciding that there was more to life than just what left brain thinking had to
offer, he decided to explore other possibilities with an open mind. He learned dowsing in Santa
Cruz in 1988 and developed methods of using dowsing to communicate with animals and plants.
What started with whales teaching him that we are all connected as one has led him to explore
our connection with Source with Teri Mister, Rikka Zimmerman and others and become certified
as a life coach. He and Teri have developed “Dowsing for Empowerment” classes that they teach
on Maui and online.