Sun., Oct. 10 ___2:00-3:15 PM___ Sharon Mahany___Crop Circle Manifestation___Room: Grand Ballroom B

Join Sharon Mahany in a guided tour of certain crop circles that have come to her attention. Somehow these elemental art pieces coincided with poetry that Sharon created. Not knowing anything about crop circles: where they were located, who was creating them, and why; she became a little weirded out, curious and then fascinated. She wanted to know what was going on. Was someone or something intercepting her email? Were the art pieces created before or after her poems? Are humans involved or some other-worldly energy? Was there some sort of meaning behind this phenomenon?

The presentation will follow the events that occurred, so you can relate to the experience as it happened. Sharon will share some theories of manifestation and resonance, and then we will participate in a manifestation process based on quantum physics and intuition.