Sat., Oct. 9____10:45 AM-Noon____ Alan Handelsman___Imaginary Dowsing for Real Healing___ Room: Spruce

Imaginary Dowsing for Real Healing

Blurb: As if most people think dowsing is real anyway! But this is different. Imaginary dowsing simply means that you use images to replace the pendulum and words. This method is easy and effective, combining what some may (or may not) call hypnosis and dowsing. It works any time you are not close to your pendulum, when you don’t know exactly what to ask for or how it could happen, or when you want to use the power of emotion in a different way in your dowsing.

Alan Handelsman – Bio

You may know him as the author of such best-selling books as: 127 Things To Do Every Day To Simplify Your Life, You Are Perfect The Way You Are: A Guide For Change, but Alan Handelsman was also a professional musician for 30 years, worked as a hypnotherapist for 21 years, worked with energy for 27, and has been associated with dowsing for about 23 years. He isn’t 102 years old, but he has been busy. He sees private clients, and has taught in the US, Canada, England, Norway, Switzerland….and New Jersey.

Alan is known for going quickly to the heart of a problem, making the complicated simple, and for his warm, humorous style.