Fri, Oct. 8 __10:45 AM-Noon__Michelle Hobart & Daniel Crosser___Somatic Telepathy: Advanced Body Dowsing for Evolutionary Empathy___ Room: Grand Ballroom A

Imagine a world where everyone can be seen, felt, understood. Where miscommunication is a thing of the past, and deep intimacy and connection is the new way of being. We are offering a modality, hard-won through our lived experience of what it feels like to be gaslit, silenced, and judged, and refined though rigorous psychic ethics and right alignment, where you can actually not only feel the other person, but have a transformative form of contact in relationship. Somatic Telepathy can also be applied to medical intuition, energy healing, and other applications across holistic wellness practices. Come hear Daniel and Michelle share about how this modality came to be, and witness their experiential demonstration of this cutting-edge intuitive technology.