Sat., Oct. 9___ 9:00-10:15 AM____Althea Gray___The Dark Unseen World – Is it Part of Medicine or Woo Woo?____Room: Grand Ballroom B

The Dark Unseen World – Is it Part of Medicine or Woo Woo?

I am not a paranormal investigator.  I am a Healer. As such, I don’t see the world of ghosts, demons, ET’s, and sprites in quite the same way as the writer of scary stories for movies and television shows.

I don’t view this ubiquitous world as entertainment, but, as a menacing world that is affecting people’s health, state of mind, and quality of life. I view this world in much the same way as a scientist who researches underlying causes for disease.

You may not be able to view these parasitic energies under a microscope, but, trust that they are there feeding off human light causing depression, self-loathing, anger, confusion, anxiety, sleeplessness, and, in worst cases, suicide.

Because professionals such as Physicians and Therapists don’t understand this world, they prescribe fairly serious medications as an antidote to patient complaints that seem to have no organic cause.  Anti-Anxiety pills and Sleeping Pills are common scripts for these patients.

In the past and even now if problems are suspected from this world, people seek Shamans, Medicine People, and Priest.  Some people tend to think of these unexplainable symptoms as  psycho-spiritual problems.  Some think they require a magical solution. I wish that prayers and a Shaman’s drum were the solution.

Even the Vatican who has ancient knowledge and strict protocols for dealing with a particular aspect of this unseen world, recognizes the ever increasing presence of this problem. It has announced a need to dialog with all faiths to bring awareness and hopeful solutions to this unchecked phenomena that has invaded our sacred world.

After 15 years of research, I created a more scientific approach to rid our private world of this silent invasion. My methodology works 100 percent in all cases.  I created not only a way to analyze what is in the energy field of the person, but, also, a full proof way to rid the person and their environment of these parasitic invaders. I continue to improve and update my methodology. I now teach and educate professionals, practitioners, and students how to do this much needed work.

People in ‘people’ oriented occupations need to be educated about these unseen invaders and the problems they are causing.  Awareness of Energy Hygiene is important and should become a new norm.